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Carpet Cleaning - Greatest Methods for the Home

Carpet will definitely add to the attractiveness of your interiors and keeping them clean is a truly challenging job.  Carpet cleaning is a task which requires a great deal of patience and expertise to be done correctly.  A clean carpet will make any size room look very tidy.

There are three key methods used in carpet cleaning; hot water extraction, very low moisture cleaning and dry cleaning.  Before beginning the process of carpet cleaning it always advisable to consult with a reputable company; which will help you select a suitable approach to clean your carpet.  Many businesses are available today on the marketplace that may be used for carpet cleaning.

The cleaning method for cleaning carpets is completed in this manner.  Chemical cleansers are utilized to extract dirt.  You can do this dry cleaning by three methods; using dry foam, dry chemicals or dry compounds.  In dry foam method, usually shampoo is applied to carpet then it is dried, and vacuumed.  This brings up the dirt using the dried foam.    In Dry compound procedure; an absorbent mix that appears similar to sawdust is spread on carpet, the machine then brushes the mixture to carpet which absorb the dirt.  Once that mix is dried then it is vacuumed out to remove grime.

Hot water extraction method is the second method for carpet cleaning.  This method is also called Warm water extraction or steam cleaning.  Many carpet manufactures and carpet cleaners still suggest this method.

In this warm water extraction method, water forced deep into the carpet using a high pressure spray.  Then the water is sucked up from the vacuum as soon as it comes from the carpet.  This process includes spraying detergent or merely water to carpet pile and recovering the water and soil using a powerful vacuum into a holding tank.  This system could be mounted on a vehicle or you could have little portable cleaning system within the home.  It is advisable to use truck mounted system like dirt and humidity are exhausted, otherwise it then re-circulates around house.  Truck mounted cleaning methods are believed to be efficient and effective than mobile systems but using better technologies most mobile systems can be equally as efficient.

Very low moisture carpet cleaning is the next method.  Very similar to the dry cleaning method it employs a rotary or oscillating pad machine to clean your carpets.  A cleanup solution is sprayed into your carpeting to loosen up and absorb the dirt and then a deep pile artificial or cotton pad is used to absorb the dirt out of the carpet.  The most important difference between this method and the ironic method is the pads have been implanted in either a detergent solution or plain water to aid in the grime absorption process.  This helps to get your carpets cleaner than the dry method and also drastically cuts the drying period when compared with hot water extraction method.

Clean your carpet before it becomes too dirty.  Carpet cleaning must be done once every 10-12 months depending on the number of residents, kind of activities, number of children and of course based on the colour of the carpet as to whether it is light or dark.  Be aware that although dark rugs don't show the dirt up to light shades the carpet is still dirty and to save wear and tear in your carpet it still requires cleaning.

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